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✅ Doubt Solving over the phone. Who can join? - Those who want to upgrade their bakery skills. - Those who want to start their own bakery related business. - Those who have a passion for baking. - Those who want to start any kind of side income from home. - Those who are facing problems growing their bakery business. ✅ Knowledge of Baking ingredients, Knowledge of Baking Equipments, Full. Knowledge of Oven. ✅ 5 Sponges with Different techniques. ( Mix fruit Sponge, Vanilla Sponge, Chocolate Sponge, Red velvet Sponge, Healthy Dry Fruit Cake). ✅ Whipped Cream Icing Technique, Nozzle Technique, Piping Technique, Sharp Edges Technique, Different type of Flowers, Leaves & Borders Technique. ✅ Note:- Homemade fondant making is not included in this course. Baby Shower Theme Cake (Semi Fondant Cake with Baby article), Shopping Theme Cake, Full Fondant Cake with Shopping bag & cloth article), Anniversary Theme Fondant Flower, Teddy bear & Cloud articles. ✅ Tiger Print Cake with Choco Cassata Flavour, Tall Cake with Truffle and Dripping Technique, Half cake with Classic Caramel Flavour, Wedding Cake -Mix Fruit Flavour, Gravity Cake, Doll Cake, Cakesicles, Cake Pops, Choco Balls. ✅ 3 types of Pastry with 3 flavours & shapes, Cheesecake. ✅ Chocolate Cupcake, Ginger & Orange Cupcake, Kaju - Mava Cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake, Vanilla Cupcake, Cappuccino Coffee Cupcake, Fer


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