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Welcome to Salt n Pepper: Where You Can Learn to Bake Like a Pro


Hi, I'm Neeru Mittal and I am a professional chef. I am the founder of Salt and Pepper: Learn to Cook(Cooking and BakingClasses). 

We have trained more than 1000 Students.After training many students have started their own food ventures and running them confidently.

I am on a mission to help women become self-dependent by imparting the skill of cooking and baking through our 40+ professional cooking and baking courses which are taught all over the world through both Online and Offline means.

In this fast-developing world, the most ignored thing is good health.
Through Salt & Pepper: Learn to Cook, We promise people good health along with the satiation of their taste buds.
Food is very important element of our life.Cooking is also part of it.So trying to make cooking as a Cup Of Tea of everyone's life

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