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BREADS BASKET class.... Inclusive wheat raggi oats multigrain breads...Learn to make perfect Breads in 1st attempt... All recipes are eggless,chemical n preservatives free Timing - 3.00 - 6.00pm Course included - #Breads:- *SANDWICH BREAD *PAO *CROISSANT *FOCASSIA BREAD(Herbal bread) *BURGER BUNS *STUFF BUNS *DANISH PASTRY *PITA BREAD *DINNER ROLLS #Designer breads:- *CROWN BREAD *STUFFED LOAFS N LOTS MORE.... #Donuts:- *Cinnamon donuts *Chocolate filled donut *Nutella Donuts *Glaze Donuts Requirements: Measuring Equipment OTG Bread Tin Yeast (optional) Who is this course for? This workshop is for the ones with a passion for baking and who would like to start their own bakery business.


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