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Mocktail and Shakes

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SHAKES Sitafal/Mango/Chiku/Seasonal fruit shake Strawberry Icecream shake Pineapple shake Kesar Pistachio Caramel Wonder Kiwi Slumber Paan Mastani Butterscotch Popshake Cafe Frappe Frozen Mochachino Coffee Veronica Brownie Millennium Oreo Blackout Anaconda Chocolate Shake Kitkat freak Shake MOCKTAILS Layered Mocktail Beauty Blue lagoon Watermelon melody Couple drink Peonacolada Orange Blast Fruit punch Vergin Merry Ruby Sunrise Paan Shots Mint mojito Pink lady Lady lip Green Temptation Cucumber Shots Cocktail fruit punch EXTRA RECIPES Litchi Limca float Carrabean Sunset Tri color beauty Lime Breeze Star light Kiwi Margherita Gulistan Ice tea Angoor punch Happy summer Ginger Ale Sofia Mountain freezer Requirements: Measuring Equipment Who is this course for? This workshop is for the ones who love to try a restaurant-style recipe at home or want to start their small food business.


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